Event Management Companies In Mumbai

We organise Corporate, Wedding, Sports and all other kind of events!
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We organise Corporate, Wedding, Sports and all other kind of events!

Event Management Companies In Mumbai

If you are searching for event management companies in Mumbai, Maharashtra. You are in the right place. We are the best event organizers in Mumbai. However, we organize all kinds of events in Mumbai. Like, Corporate event management, wedding planner, sports event, Dj event, College festival events, and many more.

Once you get to know us you don’t need to research tons of other event management companies in Mumbai. Our team works and completes every given task within the time frame.

What is event management companies?

Event organisers help you to organise an event. They take the responsibility of planning and also executing events. Event management companies teams help to run events very professionally and smoothly.

Their task is to manage and also take every smallest task away from your shoulders. So that you can concentrate on your event planning. Choosing the right event planner is the most important thing.

What is event management?

How to find top event management companies in Mumbai?

1. What kind of event you want to plan? is it Corporate event management? Wedding planning? DJ event? Sports event? Birthday event management? or any other event? According to your requirements find the best event companies through an online search. It can take time depends on the area and also the city in which you are looking to find event management companies.

 2. Make a list of all event companies in your city. Check who is ready to work with you and also check their past events. Look deep into their success stories and in what kind of event service they are professional?

3. Make personal calls and ask them about their past events. Ask your event management company to send the portfolio and also get ideas from them about the event. Find an established event management company. Avoid startups or new event organizers. Unless you get some case studies about the new startup companies.

4. Make a list of 4 to 5 top best event companies who are ready to work on your event. Meet them personally. Make a rough plan for your event. Ask the event management companies to come up with ideas and also with the budget for the same.

5. Select the one best event management company among all the event companies. Don’t select someone who is organizing your event on a low budget. Instead, go for an event company that has a good reputation and experience in its field.

Event management companies in Mumbai

Finding event management companies near me.

Event management companies near me are the best option to search for. There are thousands of event companies all over Mumbai, Maharashtra. But searching for Event management companies near me is an easy option. It gives you the best result of event companies that are near you. This also makes the process easy and helpful for the event companies. You can meet and get in touch with event management organisers near you.

What do corporate event management companies do?​

Corporate event management companies are similar to other events. A corporate event is an event that is a plan by a business entity. Which is performed to educate, reward, motivate, and also encourage collaboration. We are the best company among other event management organisers in Mumbai.

However, according to a report from the events industry, 13,01,600 events happen every year in Mumbai. From them, most of the events are corporate events.

What do wedding planners do?

Wedding planners are companies who organize wedding events. We are also wedding planners in Mumbai, Maharashtra. We ensure that clients’ personal style comes in shining through. Indian weddings are more vibrant and have a lot of functions. We have all the inventory, manpower and many great themes to fulfill your dream wedding.

We will assist you with all the wedding planning services. Setting up the location, getting the decoration, getting a professional videographer and photographer. And many other things. We have more than 30 years of experience as wedding planners. Our budget is super affordable and our quality is supreme. Having more than 20 years of experience as wedding planners.

Why choose us from among all other event organisers?

We provide all kind of event services. There might be various types of event management and corporate event management companies in Mumbai. But we are the only one who has 50+ kinds of different in-house event inventory. we also have 35+ years of working experience. 100+ professional employees and done 500+ successful events all around Mumbai, Maharashtra.

We are very known wedding planners in Mumbai. Many Birthday party planning, DJ event organization companies contact us as vendors to fulfill clients’ requirements. We are the #1 known company from all other event management companies in Mumbai.


Sample survey questions for event planning.

Sample survey questions for event planning.
Questions to ask your event organisers before finalizing any event.​

1. How long they have been in the event management field?
2. Have they did any similar events before?
3. Ask them for the portfolio.
4. Ask them to make a rough diagram on paper to get an idea.
5. Ask them their office address and visit the office.
6. Ask for the estimated price? so that you can analyze the price rate of each piece of equipment.
7. Thing which you have to provide the event management companies. Like hospitality to event workers or any other thing?
8. What extra cost you have to pay if any equipment increases?
9. Who will pay the traveling cost?
10. What is the cancellation cost or any modification cost?

Frequently asked questions for event planners​

It works on all your event-related tasks. Execute the event very smoothly and professionally. It also helps you to save your time and perform your event within the budget.

Finalizing an event within the given time frame is the most essential part. But It also depends on various other factors. Like how many days the event is going to run and what all types of equipment will need to run the event. However, it usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to finalize an event.

It depends on the work and type of events. Corporate event management companies approximately charge around 1 to 3 lakhs per day. It can go up to 20 lakhs depends on the client’s budget and requirements.

Wedding planners approximately charge around 2 to 5 lakhs for a standard wedding. The amount can also go up to 50 lakhs depending on the client’s budget and requirements.

DJ event or event organization approximately charge around 1 to 3 lakhs. But this can also go up to 10 to 50 lakhs
depends on the budget and requirements.

Local event companies host the events only in their local areas. They have less experience, knowledge, and inventory. Local event organization can not fulfill a professional event. One can not expect a professional event from local organizers.

Professional event management companies can fulfill your all requirements professionally because. Professional event companies usually have a lot of years of experience. and they have done a lot of big successful events.

There is a big difference between the local and professional event companies. Few of them are. Way of working, fulfilling requirements. Giving you the results in the given time frame, way of conversation, way of management, and many more.

Usually, event organisers usually charge 25% to 30% in advance. The rest of the amount is paid after the event is started or finished.

It also depends on what kind of event you are working on. If you are working with corporate event management companies? then the standard payment process is 20% to 30% advance then the rest of the amount once the event is finished.

Wedding planners may charge you a little more as an advance amount up to 50% advance. And the rest of the amount after the event. DJ event organisers usually charge 20% as an advance. The rest of the amount after the event starts or after the event finished.

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